Your Guide to the Best Gold Bars To Buy for Investment

While buying and selling corporate shares can net you a profit, you need to diversify your investment portfolio for the best results. One of the ways you can attain financial stability is by investing in precious metals.

Gold ranks among the top three most valuable precious metals globally.

Oxford Gold Group allows you to buy valuable gold products or create a gold investment strategy. We work with some of the best investment strategists in the industry to provide expert advice and add to your gold collection.

Our legacy dates back decades, and we are among the top authoritative sources in the precious metal industry. We offer some of the best gold bars to buy for investment.

What Are Gold Bars?

As its name suggests, gold bars refer to gold bullion shaped in the form of a bar. The bar design is more visually appealing, making it more attractive to buyers.

Typically, smaller gold coins go through a minting process. Minting includes the act of cutting down a larger piece of gold into containable fragments. Alternatively, gold manufacturers create sizable gold coins by pouring liquid gold into a pre-shaped mold.

Therefore, larger gold bars often feature a logo as their centerpiece, while a tiny bar may have a more intricate design. Either coin size can be fashionable.

You should always purchase gold from a verified manufacturer. As such, we advise against going to your local brick-and-mortar shop to buy gold. The top brands have certificates that prove their gold products are authentic.

One-ounce bars are the most popular gold products for investors. They are easy to handle, and you can buy them instantly without any hassle. Also, they carry fewer premiums than most other precious metals.

Gold Bars vs. Gold Coins

gold bars and gold coins

When you decide to invest in gold, you must think about which gold products work better for your investment strategy.

You will find two main gold options to consider: gold bars and gold coins.

Gold coins offer many benefits to investors, such as variety, legal tender, liquidity, and more. Also, investors tend to buy a sizable amount of gold coins at a time. Doing so allows you to sell them off at different times when gold is at a premium.

However, one of the disadvantages of gold coins relates to their ability to easily become lost or misplaced. Once you lose your gold coins, your investment goes out the window. That is why many investors are going the EFT route with their precious metal investments.

Alternatively, gold bars offer several investment benefits. These advantages include bulk savings, high-volume diversification, and low premiums. Since it costs less to produce gold bars than coins, this means you can take advantage of many savings.

A disadvantage of gold bar investments is you do not earn dividends as you would with stocks. Therefore, you must rely on the price of gold to increase before earning a profit off your gold investment.

Fortunately, we anticipate that the price of gold will continue to rise. Regardless of which gold type you invest in, you will discover many profit opportunities.

Best Gold Bars on the Market

Investors can find many types of gold bars available to purchase. Some of the top gold bar brands include Credit Suisse, the Royal Canadian Mint, Engelhard, and others.

Let’s review some of the best gold bars to buy for investment purposes.

Credit Suisse Gold Bars

Credit Suisse Group’s gold bar products are exceptional, providing quality returns for investors. With a simple design, these gold bars contain unique serial numbers. These codes ensure that each bar has the Credit Suisse stamp of approval.

They remain some of the most sought-after gold products globally. Plus, they come with low premiums, making them ideal for IRA investments.

Johnson Matthey Gold Bars

These British producers of gold have over fifty years of gold sales experience. Still, the company continues to grow each year. You can attribute this growth to its superb gold products.

Flexibility is not an issue when you buy gold at Johnson Matthey. Its products come in all shapes and sizes. While minting processes are typically expensive, Johnson Matthey offers low premiums with a simple gold ingot.

Johnson Matthey bars make ideal investments for first-time gold buyers, as they represent one of the most trusted brands in the precious metal industry.

Perth Mint Bars

Not to be undone, Australia offers one of the highest quality gold bars on the market. These precious metal products range in size from a half-ounce to 1,000 ounces. We recommend investing in 400 ounces or more for cost-saving reasons.

The Perth brand also features one of the best gold bar designs with a kangaroo in mid-hop. These bars have an elegant look, resembling a golden credit card. It is another safe investment for first-time gold investors.

Valcambi’s CombiBar

While many gold bars look the same, Valcambi takes the opposite approach, offering a unique design. These bullion bars break apart like a candy bar, allowing investors to carry them in their wallets and show off to friends.

The fashionable gold bar boasts a .999 gold fineness rating, among the best globally. Valcambi is another Swiss company that produces top-notch gold products.


It is about time for an American brand to crash the party. Englehard stands out as America’s leading gold bar distributor dating back over a century. One of the perks of purchasing an Englehard gold bar is they are increasingly rare, adding to their value.

Engelhard’s gold products come in both minted and cast forms. To support the local gold economy, Engelhard makes an excellent option.

Our Gold Products

Suisse gold bar

Oxford Gold Group offers several gold products from the top global gold brands. We carry both 1-ounce and 10-ounce versions of Credit Suisse’s gold bar. With a .999 composition, it is one of the best investments you can make.

In addition to the Credit Suisse gold bar, we offer gold bullion coins. Our selection includes the 2013 Gold Canadian Polar Bear quarter ounce, the 2014 Gold Canadian Arctic Fox quarter ounce, and many others.

Our team is happy to discuss our gold bar and coin selection with you when you set up a consultation with one of our investment strategists.

How Do They Price Gold?

If any of the above gold products pique your interest, it is time to research pricing. Typically, the higher the amount of pure gold in the bar, the more expensive it sells. In that vein, it is similar to jewelry prices.

You also need to consider another factor that comes into play with gold prices. A gold spot price is the current market cost for gold. Like stocks, gold’s value changes by the second. Therefore, a gold seller will always price their products according to the spot price.

The two most popular places that list gold prices are the NYMEX and COMEX exchanges.

Like jewelry retailers, the top gold brands, such as PAMP Suisse, will often charge more for their products. You might see this price change reflected in the premium costs or the product itself.

As such, you will see national mints such as the Canadian Polar Bear have high price tags. Any bar or coin processed by a country’s government has brand recognition and can command top dollar.

Gold Bar FAQs

Let’s review a few questions that we frequently receive about gold bar products.

Is a Gold Bar Heavy?

Most consumers are surprised when they realize how light a standard gold bar can be. However, when you pass the 200-ounce mark, gold can become heavy.

How Do I Sell a Gold Bar?

When selling a gold bar, you must seek out a reputable dealer. Make sure you know the value of your gold before trying to sell or pawn it. Consult with a trusted company like the Oxford Gold Group when you want to liquify your gold.

Are ETFs Better?

Exchange-Traded Funds continue to grow in popularity and have their advantages. However, they also carry risks such as market fluctuations and counterparties. Diversify your investment portfolio with both gold products and ETFs.

When Should I Buy Gold Bars?

As the rule of investing says, your goal should be to buy low and sell high. When the price of gold is at its low, it is time to jump on it and invest. If you treat gold as a short-term investment, consider selling when it is high.

Purchase Gold From Oxford Gold Group

man thinks about something

These are just some of the best gold bars to buy for investment purposes. Our team is eager to help you diversify your portfolio through precious metal investment.

We anticipate that the price of gold will continue to trend upward in the coming years. Now is your chance to increase your chances of netting a profit.

Our gold products are available to purchase now and ship fast to your door. Expand your gold holdings with Oxford’s selection of coins and bars.

If you want to hear more about our premium gold products, call Oxford Gold Group at our Beverly Hills, CA, office. You can reach our front desk by calling 833-600-GOLD.


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