Gold Pricing Charts

Keep yourself up to date with the latest changes in the spot price of a troy ounce of gold on this page. For your research purposes, we log the daily changes as well as values going far back into the past.

Below are four data pieces: the normal gold price chart, a historical gold performance chart, a historical annual performance chart, and finally a table for the spot price of all precious metals we sell.

Gold Price Chart

Historical Gold Performance Table

Historical Gold Performance Table – Annual

Precious Metals Spot Price Table


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Oxford Gold Group: Gold Chart and FAQs

The gold market can be an overwhelming place for first-time investors. You probably have a lot of questions about gold pricing, gold charts, the best time to sell gold, and more! At The Oxford Gold Group, we have the answers.

What Is the Gold Price Right Now?

Gold prices change constantly and rarely stay the same for very long. The numbers go up or down every second as investors around the world buy this yellow precious metal. You can try to anticipate these fluctuations by following pricing trends, but usually, the gold price chart numbers are unpredictable.

You can keep track of world gold prices by reading a gold price chart for data on real-time prices to help you know when to trade.

What Is the Gold Spot Price?

You may hear gold investors talk about the “spot price” of gold. The spot price is another term for your gold’s current value per troy ounce at this moment. If you decide to cash in your gold investment, the spot price is the current price you can expect. You’ll want to pay close attention to spot prices on the live gold price chart to help you when trading.

Why Do Gold Prices Fluctuate?

If you checked gold prices earlier today, recheck them. The price of gold fluctuates constantly, and precious metal investors must keep up with it. However, the changes aren’t always random—many factors affect price fluctuations.

Paper Currency Values

The U.S. dollar value often has a significant impact on gold spot prices. Although the price of gold won’t necessarily spike when inflation rises, research shows a strong correlation between the two currencies. One typically follows the other.

Here’s how it works. When dollars become less valuable, people turn to other currencies like precious metals to protect themselves against economic crises. More deals lead to a higher demand, which often means prices rise.

Stock Market Insecurity

Historically, gold prices increase when the stock market falls or threatens to collapse. Stock investors know how volatile the market can be, and they often have a backup plan: precious metal investments. If the stocks seem insecure and people have uncertainties, they typically want direct access to gold instead of dollars to diversify their assets.

Central Banks

Central banks and their activities can significantly impact the gold price. Gold won’t get a profitable return when other currencies are booming and foreign exchange reserves are full. So the banks that hold this currency usually try to reduce their gold holdings.

When central banks unlock their gold assets, it increases the readily available amount. However, most investors don’t care about this currency when other financial markets are healthy—in other words, the demand decreases. An increased supply with a decreased demand leads to a lower gold price.

When Is a Good Time To Purchase Gold?

Although the U.S. President’s Executive Order 6102 in 1933 had forbidden U.S. citizens from owning or trading gold, by 1975, the United States made it legal to buy gold again. Since then, precious metal experts and analysts have used gold price charts to record spot prices, providing crucial data to help investors stay informed. You can use gold charts to determine when to make purchases.

According to charts and historical analysis, here’s what we’ve gathered:

  • January is the best time to get gold. The gold price typically surges as the year progresses, so buying early can render a higher profit when you decide to sell.
  • If you can’t make a purchase in January, buy it in March or late June. Historical data shows that gold spot prices regularly dip during those times of the year.
  • Avoid buying gold from July to September. Gold prices reach their peak during this quarter.
  • Don’t wait till next year. Gold prices per ounce are increasing overall, so you’ll likely get a better price by purchasing gold this year and trading it next year.

How Do You Buy Gold Online?

You can purchase gold online in various forms, sizes, and weights. While gold certificates only represent holdings, you can buy physical gold in coins, bars, and rounds.

Gold Coins

If you’re new to the investment game, you may want to start with coins. Gold coins are typically more expensive than other gold forms because they have more aesthetic appeal and numismatic value. Basically, they look cooler and are collectible.

The first gold coins became a form of currency thousands of years ago. People traded them much as we do with money today. However, our federal U.S. currency does not include gold today.

Gold Bullion

Also known as ingots or gold bars, gold bullion typically has the lowest premiums per troy ounce of any gold form. This is primarily because they don’t have artistic designs or collectible value. Central bank reserves include bullion as they’re easier to manage.

Gold Rounds

Gold rounds look like coins, but they have no monetary value. They also have more artistic flair than plain old bars. For these reasons, rounds strike a good balance between the purchase price and collectible appeal.

What Is a Troy Ounce?

People don’t weigh precious metals like gold, silver, and platinum the same as everyday commodities. When you think of an ounce of sugar, you probably think of it in terms of the avoirdupois weight system. However, precious metals use the troy weight system, and you buy gold per troy ounce.

A troy ounce weighs more than a regular avoirdupois ounce. There are 31.1 grams in a troy ounce but only 28.35 grams in a standard ounce. A gram is still a gram, but we use troy ounces for gold, silver, platinum, and other metals because they weigh small items per ounce more accurately.

Is Gold a Good Investment?

Gold charts can help you know the best time to invest. They give you important data on historical trends and current pricing so that you can formulate a successful investment strategy, buying and trading at optimum dollar values.


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