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One of the reasons that many investors flock to gold is the different weight increments. While most coins are minted in 1-ounce offerings, a gold bar has 10 oz and 100 oz options. The smaller denominations make them more attractive to buyers, but larger ones like the 500 oz are also traded.

Although the 1 oz gold bar is one of the smallest bullion bars, its significant value makes up for the size.

Several mints make the 1 oz gold bar, so you will see their name stamped into the .9999 purity bar. Most 1 oz gold bars carry the same purity but do not share the same price tag due to different companies minting the bars.

Investors are more concerned about the bar’s weight and purity than the mint that distributed it since the resell value is more important than which brand’s name is stamped on the bar.

The air-tight assay card has a significant impact on the value of a gold bar. It’s a standard feature that accompanies just about every gold bar, serving to protect the bar and guarantee quality and purity. Investors who purchase gold bars that have an assay card should never take them out of the plastic covering because it’s crucial to proving the bar’s authenticity.

It’s common for gold bars to contain a stamp, indicating the weight, an individual serial number, and fineness. For a size comparison, a 1 oz gold bar is equivalent in size to a military dog tag. Its convenient storage and availability around the world have made it a very popular option.

Although 10 oz and 100 oz gold bars are available, beginner investors can opt for a 1 oz bar because they are the most sought after globally. The demand has resulted in various mints distributing them and making them more readily available than the heavier bars. Luckily for you, we have the 10 oz gold bar in stock, so you can always count on us if you are interested in a heavier investment.

Some of the mints that produce gold bars are the Credit Suisse, Royal Mint of England, Royal Canadian Mint, Argor-Heraeus, and Asahi Refining. Mints have distributed several special editions and various design gold bars, far too many for us to acknowledge, but a few are worth mentioning.

The Rand Refinery produces a 1 oz gold bar with its logo being the main design element on the South African Krugerrand. There is also the Sunshine Mint Eagle, which makes gold and silver bullion bars, featuring the bald eagle swooping down.

The Royal Canadian Mint uses its logo on the bars, and the design depicts a maple leaf surrounded by the mint’s name in English and French.

Another impressive design is from the Perth Mint Swan, which produces possibly one of the most recognized 1 oz gold bars in the world. It contains two distinct symbols of the nation, with the reverse containing a design of a leaping kangaroo.

The Royal Mint Britannia has produced a right-profile depiction of Brittania, a female personification of Britain, with a trident and a trademarked shield.

A gold bullion coin’s value is derived from the spot price that it trades worldwide, whereas a gold bar has a lower price premium over the market spot price. Many investors opt for gold investments because it has proven to be a sound investment to diversify their portfolios and balance out the risk. Gold has a history of outperforming inflation and proving to be profitable in economic downturns, making it a quality choice for investors.

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