How to Spot a Fake Credit Suisse Gold Bar

If you’re looking to jump into the exciting world of precious metals, you must know how to spot the differences between a fake Credit Suisse gold bar and a legitimate one. There’s more than a fair share of counterfeit Credit Suisse gold bars floating around the market, causing mass confusion among novice precious metal investors. Fortunately, there are ways to differentiate authentic gold bars from replicas. Here are a few tips and tricks to help you spot fake Credit Suisse gold bars.

Credit Suisse gold bars are some of the most popular among precious metal investors and collectors worldwide. Created by one of the most distinguished international gold bar brands in the world today, the Credit Suisse Group, the high-quality bullion of these popular bars has attracted gold connoisseurs since it first entered the world market in 1979. Unfortunately, its popularity led to a rise of counterfeits that continue to confuse the market to this very day.

Characteristics of an Authentic Credit Suisse Gold Bar

Every authentic Credit Suisse gold bar consists of a thin rectangle of gold with its information engraved on the front of the bar. The bar’s gold fineness, content, and serial number should all be presented in a modest font, making it instantly recognizable to precious metal experts. A rectangular box with “Credit Suisse” carved within it should be located above the bar’s information, while the French phrase Essayeur Fondeur (meaning “melting tester”) sits below its gold gram count.

On the back of the bar, multiple logo boxes containing the words “Credit Suisse” stretch diagonally across the surface. Every word (including the words on the front of the bar) consists of all capital letters and has the same font as those on the front. Every Credit Suisse gold bar, regardless of weight, is 24-karat gold and has .9999 gold fineness.

If you run across a Credit Suisse gold bar, check every marking, insignia, word, and font to ensure that the bar is authentic. Many counterfeits contain slight changes to at least one of the Credit Suisse gold bars’ characteristics, making it easy to spot if you know all the markings and brands. However, some fake bars are a bit harder to spot and won’t show warning signs without further testing.

How to Test the Authenticity of Your Gold Bar

testing gold items for pureness

Sometimes, counterfeiters do a fantastic job of replicating a Credit Suisse gold bar’s characteristics, making it near impossible to differentiate. In these cases, precious metal enthusiasts use multiple tests to determine whether the bar is authentic. Luckily, many tests are easy to perform and don’t require expensive tools or utensils to carry out. Most novice precious metal investors and collectors can execute the test from the comfort of their own homes. Below are some of the best ways to test your Credit Suisse gold bar.

Check the Weight

Gold counterfeiters commonly stuff their fake bars with cheaper metals like tungsten. These alternative metals often throw off the weight measurements, making them contradict the bar’s weight mark. Every genuine gold bar conforms to one of the following weights:

  • 1 gram
  • 2.5 grams
  • 5 grams
  • 10 grams
  • 20 grams
  • 50 grams
  • 100 grams
  • 250 grams
  • 50 grams
  • 1000 grams
  • 10 tolas
  • 0.5 troy oz
  • 1 troy oz
  • 10 troy oz

Always ensure that the bar’s weight lines up with the indicated marking. If the bar is heavier or lighter than its marking, you have a fake Credit Suisse gold bar on your hands.

Check the Dimensions

Every gold bar has the exact dimension of the Credit Suisse gold bar-producing machines, making bars of the same weight identical to each other. One of the best ways to test your bar’s authenticity is by checking its height and width with a caliper. Simply measure the bar’s height and width with the caliper and see whether it matches up with an authentic bar’s dimensions. If you find any discrepancies whatsoever, your bar is a fake.

Perform the Ping Test

Because fake Credit Suisse gold bars aren’t made with real gold, performing the ping test is one of the best ways to test its authenticity. Real gold always makes a distinct ping sound when you hit it with a metal rod or object. If the bar doesn’t make the unique ping sound when it collides with another metal, it’s a replica.

Perform the Magnet Test

Precious metal dealers and collectors often test their gold and silver bars using a rare-earth magnet. Unlike other metals, gold and silver aren’t magnetic and shouldn’t attract magnets regardless of their strength. If you have a rare-earth magnet, place it on top of the Credit Suisse gold bar in question and see whether it sticks.

Just be aware that gold and silver aren’t the only non-magnetic metals. Some experienced counterfeiters use non-magnetic metals in their fake gold bars, making it difficult to verify authenticity with the magnet test. Always use multiple validation techniques when testing your gold bars.

Fire Assay

The fire assay method is the preferred testing choice for precious metal experts. It is one of the most reliable but also the most strenuous. The process requires a few unusual items including gold, borax, soda ash, litharge, silica, and flour. Combine all the ingredients and melt them down using a smelter or something similar. Once it’s melted, pour the concoction into a mold. Because gold has an extremely high melting point, it remains solid.

Performing the fire assay method requires vast knowledge and understanding of precious metals. Novice and intermediate gold and silver investors and collectors shouldn’t conduct the test unless they are under the supervision of an industry expert. If you want to test your gold using the fire assay method, take it to a professional to ensure the process is carried out correctly.

Look for Discoloration

One of the most prized aspects of gold is how well it resists tarnishing over time. Its everlasting nature makes it easy to distinguish authentic gold bars from counterfeits. Examine your Credit Suisse gold bars for unusual tarnishing before committing to a purchase.

Vibration Test

Recent studies show that gold’s vibrational force can determine its purity level. Authentic gold has a specific vibrational reaction. If the vibration differs from the pure gold’s established vibrational pattern, it’s likely a fake.

Keep in mind this test is newer and requires a precious metal expert to carry out (unless you happen to have extensive knowledge of metal vibrations). Professionals are still refining the method despite significant evidence of its dependability. Seek professional assistance or research metal vibrations thoroughly before using the vibration test.

How Common Are Counterfeit Credit Suisse Gold Bars?

fake gold bars

Although fake Credit Suisse gold bars make their way into the precious metal market now and again, they aren’t as prevalent as some people might think. However, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t authenticate your gold and silver.

More than a fair share of fake gold bullions come from illegal Chinese counterfeiting rings and pop up on online marketplaces like Alibaba. Some unreputable precious metal dealers also attempt to scam newcomers with exceptionally low prices for counterfeit gold bullions. Many novice investors can’t discern between authentic gold bullions and counterfeits, making it easy for them to fall for the scam. Always ensure your precious metal dealer is dependable and trustworthy before obtaining their services.

How Can I Ensure My Credit Suisse Gold Bars Are Authentic Upon Purchase?

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