Gold & Silver IRA

Learn How a Precious Metals IRA Can
Protect Your Retirement


What is a Precious Metals IRA? 

A Precious Metals IRA is an Individual Retirement Account that can include physical gold, silver, platinum or palladium metals. An IRS authorized custodian holds the contents of the IRA for the benefit of the account owner. A Precious Metals IRA works in the same way as a traditional IRA. However, instead of holding paper assets, you can buy and own physical bullion coins or bars.

Most traditional IRA owners have little to no say in your investments if you choose a conventional IRA or 401(k) with a bank, employer, or brokerage firm. However, if you open a self-directed IRA with the Oxford Gold Group, you are allowed to make your own investment decisions and choose for yourself which IRA approved precious metals to purchase.

Choosing the Right Precious Metals IRA Company

We know that there are numerous choices when it comes to selecting a Precious Metals IRA company to trust and work with. More importantly, we realize that meeting your retirement plans and goals is the key to a healthy and profitable financial future. That is why at the Oxford Gold Group, we are eager to show you that we are one of the top Precious Metals IRA companies in the industry. We are here to help and assist you in setting up your Precious Metals IRA as a diversification to your current retirement plans.

At the Oxford Gold Group, we believe that having a self-directed IRA backed by IRS approved precious metals is a prudent diversification of anyone’s retirement portfolio and a significant reason someone should consider investing in precious metals as part of their overall retirement planning.



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