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1 oz Canadian Silver Maple Leaf Coin


First minted back in 1988, the Canadian Silver Maple Leaf had over 1,000,000 coins distributed in its first year. That number increased for a few years until distribution slowed during the 1990s. Several special edition coins were minted, such as the 2010 Winter Olympics in Canada and the 20th Anniversary coins.

While most coin packaging consists of tubes of 20, the Silver Maple Leaf comes in a tube of 25 as high demand forced the distributor to increase the supply. The coin’s obverse depicts Queen Elizabeth II, with slight variations on different editions such as a young, middle-aged, and older queen.

The reverse side depicts a detailed Maple Leaf, its distinguishing feature from other national coins. The $5 value it has displayed on the front is the highest face value on the market today when compared to any other silver bullion coin.

The Royal Canadian Mint introduced several verification features to make the identification of the Canadian Silver Maple Leaf distinct. The first measure was the engraved radial lines on both sides to reflect light. The second measure was a small laser privy mark below the sugar maple on the reverse side. It contains the final two digits in the date of issue, visible only under magnification.

Instead of opting for numerous special edition coins, the Canadian government opted for collectible versions by using privy marks and unique finishes on Silver Maple Leaf collectible coins.

When the Canadian Mint celebrated their 25th Anniversary in 2013, they released the 25th Anniversary coin, featuring the number 25 over the sugar maple leaf. Another version was the Wild Canada Series. The Canadian Mint wanted to honor the animals from the Canadian Wildlife Series, so they made a mark of all the six animals on the reverse side.

There is also the annual option for the Gilded Silver Maple Leaf. The Mint wanted to accentuate the sugar maple leaf’s beauty, so they added a fine layer of 24-karat gold over it.

Another annual distribution collectible coin is the Colorized Silver Maple Leaf. It has various-colored lacquer applied over the maple leaf, making it look bright and shiny.

A heavier and more in-demand collectible is the Magnificent Maple Leaf. It is a 10 oz silver coin that has two maple leaves connected to a singular stem.

The Canadian government decided to increase the production of the Silver Maple Leaf from 2006 until 2010, distributing about 2.5 million coins during that period. During 2010, the government decided to mint 18 million coins.

Other features that made this coin valuable was the release of the 2015 Silver Maple Leaf and the fact that it was .9999 pure, whereas most silver coins are .999 pure.

The coin’s popularity was evident not only from its distribution but also from the increase in demand throughout the years. A key reason for that was the coin’s natural quality. Although it may have been only a fraction or so, the Silver Maple Leaf got a reputation for surpassing the 1 oz listed weight.

There is also the matter of its slightly higher silver content. Most silver coins have a 99.9% content, and the Silver Maple Leaf has 99.99%. Every fraction matters when precious coins are concerned since the slight variations cause a significant increase in value.

It’s due to the coin’s modern anti-counterfeiting features, added silver coin content, limited edition series, guaranteed purity, special packaging, and commemorative editions that have made the 1 oz Canadian Silver Maple Leaf one of the most sought-after investments.

Purchasing these coins should not make you nervous because the Canadian government guarantees the weight, legal tender, and purity of the Canadian Silver Maple Leaf.

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