Can I Carry Gold on an International Flight?

Carrying gold via any type of public transportation can be tricky, but what about international flights? If you’re planning to transport gold, you probably wonder, “How can I carry gold on an international flight?” This ultimate guide on traveling internationally with gold from our experts at The Oxford Gold Group should answer most of your looming questions.

Overview of Flying Internationally With Gold

Thousands of investors see gold as the safest way to store value and maintain financial stability, no matter which country they live in. Given that, occasions arise when they find it necessary to transport gold across national borders.

Yes, you can carry gold when flying internationally. However, safety and security are high priorities when traveling internationally with gold. You’ll want to know everything you can to protect your precious metals, including:

Where Should You Keep Your Gold During International Flights?

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You might think it’s better to keep precious metals in your checked-in baggage, but we strongly recommend not doing this. For one thing, you risk losing your checked bags. For another, you could lose your gold or silver jewelry if anything should happen to the luggage.

Storing your gold in a secure carry-on bag is the best way to go. You can keep it close to you while flying and never worry about who might be handling it or where it is. Just ensure that your bag’s maximum weight capacity can hold the gold.

How Should You Handle Security Checkpoints?

It’s usually not a problem to bring gold into other countries, but don’t assume that everything will go smoothly. The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) has a duty to keep travelers safe and may stop you to double-check for suspicious materials or counterfeit coins. This could cause delays, missed flights, ruined schedules, and concerns about losing your precious metal.

To avoid this fiasco, don’t try to sneak your precious metals through security checkpoints. The strongly recommended method is to declare your gold to TSA agents or the appropriate customs authorities beforehand and maintain full transparency. If you declare your gold upfront, it makes you automatically less suspicious.

Does the Airline Need To Know That You’re Transporting Gold?

Informing the airline about your gold transportation isn’t a requirement. However, it could help your flight go more smoothly and prevent complications with customs. Airlines might be able to accommodate you better when carrying gold if they know how much gold you’re carrying and what form it’s in (gold bars, coin, jewelry, etc.).

Airlines can also sometimes offer advice on how best to transport your silver or gold items. Female travelers often carry silver or gold earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and other jewelry and may worry about getting robbed. Letting the airline know about this can provide peace of mind.

What To Do If a TSA Agent Wants To Inspect Your Baggage

Importing gold coins, cash, and other currencies to the USA or any other country can be nerve-racking. You may feel targeted and constantly concerned that someone will try to steal your luggage. The situation might get even more stressful when a TSA agent feels it’s their duty to inspect your bags.

If you get stopped for inspection, don’t panic. Here’s what you should do:

  • Be polite. Complaining or refusing to open your bags will only draw more attention to yourself and potentially lead to a fine.
  • Explain yourself. If you didn’t already declare your gold, now is the time to do it. Explain what you’re transporting, its value, and its purpose (for example, a gift).
  • Request a private screening. Inspecting your bags in a private room can ensure other travelers don’t learn you’re carrying gold.

How Much Gold Can You Carry on International Flights?

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The amount of gold allowed on international flights depends on several factors. These may include the customs duty of the country you’re leaving, the customs duty of the country you’re flying to, and the airline or airline alliance. You’ll want to do some independent research to learn about things like the following:

  • Import duty on gold coins
  • Duty-free allowance
  • Gold transportation fines
  • Past performance of the airline

U.S. Customs and Border Protection

When traveling to and from the U.S., you must adhere to the U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) guidelines. Here are some critical CBP rules and restrictions regarding precious metals importation and exportation:

  • You may import copies of gold coins only if properly marked
  • You don’t have to worry about customs duty on gold medals, coins, or bullion declared to a customs official
  • You must complete a FinCEN 105 form to transport monetary instruments (cash, coin, or other currency) exceeding $10,000

How To Avoid Legal Problems When Traveling Internationally With Gold Coins

If you’re traveling abroad with a suitcase full of gold coins, the last thing you want is to risk violating rules and restrictions. Before you leave for the airport, confirm that you have all the proper documentation for yourself and your baggage. In addition to a valid passport and visa, you’ll want to bring other documents to help cover your gold.

Bringing along a gold sales receipt or invoice can prevent major setbacks if customs officials decide to check your baggage. A receipt can quickly prove the gold belongs to you as well as its value.

Keeping Track of Your Gold While Traveling Internationally

Even with the gold in a personal bag, it can be challenging to pay attention to it. You won’t always have it slung over your shoulder or rolling behind you. Here are some typical times when you might lose track of your gold-carrying luggage:

  • When your bag passes through a security checkpoint
  • When you stop for a bite to eat at the airport
  • While you wait in an airport lounge or at the gate
  • When you use the restroom in the airport or on the airplane
  • After you place your bag in an overhead compartment

You can pay close attention to your gold and prevent theft simply by being aware of these vulnerable situations. If you’re traveling alone, try to keep your bags within arm’s length as much as possible.

Investing in Precious Metals With Oxford Gold Group

Taking gold currency on international flights can wear on your nerves. However, knowing what to expect can help you prepare correctly and stay safe throughout the trip.

At Oxford Gold Group, our team has the knowledge and experience to help you make the most of your gold investment. We have the resources to answer questions like “Can I carry gold on an international flight?” and “What’s the best way to keep my gold secure?Contact us today if you’re interested in entering the world of precious metal investments.

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