1-833-600-GOLD Oxford Gold Group is serious about keeping your gold and silver safe. We are now offering exclusive gold and silver storage to our clients in Texas, so you can feel confident that your precious metals will be safe. We prioritize our customers and will do everything that we can to protect their investments.

Texas precious metal storage facilities undergo a strict vetting process to legally store gold and silver for clients. At Oxford Gold Group, we do everything by the book so that you can feel confident about the safety of your property.

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Store Physical Precious Metals

Gold and silver bars and coins are great items to own as an investment and can be insurance policies if the United States economy takes a deep dive. There are plenty of options for ways to own precious metals, including gold and silver IRAs, which are great for diversifying your retirement savings.

Whether you want to open a precious metal IRA or simply want secure storage for the gold and silver you own, you can count on Oxford Gold Group. We specialize in precious metals IRAs and have years of experience handling these accounts. Now, instead of storing your gold and silver in a facility in Delaware, we can store your metals right here in Texas.

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Allocated vs. Unallocated Storage

Many gold depositories that store precious metals have options for either allocated or unallocated storage. Essentially, allocated storage means that when you come to collect your precious metals, you will get the exact piece of metal that you purchased.

Unallocated storage means that the storage facility mixes all of the metals together. Therefore, you will not necessarily receive the exact piece of metal that you purchased or gave to the storage facility in the first place. Instead, you will get the same amount of metal by weight, and any coins that you stored will be from the same year. However, they will not be the same pieces of metal that you stored initially.

We recommend that all of our customers choose allocated storage when they use our storage facilities to ensures you get the exact items you stored with us.

Quickly Access or Sell Your Precious Metals

One of the most important parts of storing precious metals is being able to retrieve or use them quickly. The prices of gold and silver fluctuate frequently, and you need to have the confidence that you can quickly sell your metals if you ever needed to.

You might also need to be able to transfer your gold to another location quickly. For example, if you move out of the country, will you be able to transfer your precious metals to a local facility in your new location?

At Oxford Gold Group, we pride ourselves on our flexibility and prompt responses to your needs. Whether you want to collect, sell, or transfer your precious metals, we will take care of them for you in a timely manner. This dedication to our customers makes us the top Texas precious metal storage facility.

Get Expert Investing Advice

Another benefit of storing your precious metals at Oxford Gold Group is that we will inform you on investing strategies so you can receive the most benefits from your precious metals investment. Many people want to try investing in precious metals like gold and silver but have no idea where to start. Our staff is knowledgeable about the metals themselves and how to invest in them successfully.

We will guide you through the investment process so you will be knowledgeable and confident regarding your investments and retirement. To truly be comfortable with the process, you need to understand the inner workings of precious metal investing. With a greater understanding of the process, you will start to feel comfortable making more decisions and taking control of your investment portfolio.

We care about your investment and want you to be happy working with us. That is why we will take the time to explain the process and advise you throughout your time with us. Even if you are entirely new to investing, you can feel confident working with Oxford Gold Group.

Texas Gold Storage

One popular way to invest in gold is to start a Gold Individual Retirement Account or Gold IRA. IRAs are popular retirement accounts used by many Americans. IRA holders typically invest a certain amount per year, then access the money in retirement at a lower tax threshold.

With a Gold IRA, the investment is in the physical precious metal rather than in paper money. Gold IRAs typically have higher fees than a traditional paper money IRA because the gold needs to be stored in a secure facility like at Oxford Gold Group.

We offer high-quality, secure Gold IRAs to our customers in Texas. Texas gold storage has never been safer or smarter. Open a Gold IRA today to diversify your investments and stop putting so much reliance on the US economy.

Texas Silver Storage

Just like with Gold IRAs, Silver IRAs are a popular investment tool. Silver IRAs function similarly to Gold IRAs, just with a different type of precious metal.

Oxford Gold Group offers Silver IRAs to their customers in addition to Gold IRAs. We can securely store and protect your silver investment in Texas.

By opening a Silver IRA, you can be protected against poor economic times and can feel confident in relying on your precious metals as an investment.

Using Precious Metals as an Investment in Texas

Precious metals are a popular investment tool in Texas but not necessarily in the rest of the country. This may be because of the unique economy and makeup of industries in the state.

For many years, the Texas economy has relied on oil, and many families became wealthy throughout the years by working and investing in oil. Many Texans that found this fortune then invested in precious metals like gold and silver.

This investment gave them a sense of security. If oil decreased in value or the United States economy crashed, they could rely on their gold reserves to make it through tough times.

It was an excellent way to protect themselves against economic turmoil, yet there was no way for them to securely store their metals within the state of Texas. Families had to choose to either keep their investment in their homes or send it to a depository out of state.

Now that facilities like Oxford Gold Group are operating in Texas, families can feel better about their investment, knowing that their silver and gold are being protected and are now closer to home.

Protecting States Rights in Texas

For some time, Delaware and New York were the only states that allowed you to store precious metals like gold and silver. Now you can securely store your IRA silver and gold within the state of Texas thanks to new legislation.

Texas has many state laws that were created hundreds of years ago and are still in place today, making Texas an excellent location for storing precious metals. In addition, Texas precious metal storage is one of the most secure in the country, making Oxford Gold Group a top choice for storing gold and silver.

Investing in physical gold and silver is an excellent way to diversify your investment portfolio. For more information, reach out to the experts at Oxford Gold Group in Texas.

We care about customers and have fierce Texas pride. We provide top security and safe storage for your precious metals, so you won’t have to worry about the safety of your silver and gold when you store your precious metals with Oxford Gold Group.

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