Why Should You Include Gold & Silver in Your Savings & Retirement?

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There are a variety of reasons why you should strongly consider owning physical gold and silver as a part of your investment portfolio. Precious metals are among the very few assets that you can physically hold and have in your possession. Unlike paper investments such as stocks, physical possession of gold and silver is possible.


Diversification is necessary to achieve a balanced investment portfolio. It allows the negative performance of some investments in your portfolio to be absorbed by the positive performance of other investments in your portfolio. Gold and silver often move opposite to the stock market. So,  if the stock market drops, gold and silver often head higher. If you want to add some balance to your portfolio, gold and silver can be one way to do it by diversifying your assets in a way that can partially protect you from a market event.


What you invest your money in is nobody’s business but your own. When you purchase gold and silver for delivery to your home, your purchases are entirely private. Having gold and silver in your possession means no government or financial institution is involved in your personal financial decisions.

Hedge Against Bad Government Decisions

Owning real gold and silver is a great way to hedge against governments making poor economic choices. Inflation is one of the results of those poor choices. Gold and silver are hedges on policymakers making mistakes that may result in the continuation of money printing that ultimately leads to further dollar devaluation and rising inflation.


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Gold and silver are some of the most liquid assets you can own. Owning physical metals always allows you to have something of value in your hands. Physical possession gives you the ability to sell your gold and silver without having to go through the same hurdles as other investments.  Gold and silver coins and bars are valued world-wide and can be sold or traded almost anywhere.

Growth Potential

Gold and silver cannot be printed or created on a computer – they are finite resources. Because the amount of gold and silver are limited, they can grow in value. In the past, gold and silver have provided significant returns to investors. Precious metals are a desirable investment because compared to savings accounts and other low-yielding investments, there can be an opportunity for more significant growth potential.

Supply & Demand

The demand for physical gold and silver from central banks, governments, financial institutions,  and industry are continuing to increase at levels not seen before. As political and economic uncertainty continues to grow, the demand for the safety and security offered by precious metals will only continue to rise. As technology continues to evolve, the need for gold and silver as industrial metals will also continue to increase. With miners avoiding new projects amid global economic uncertainty, the prices of gold and silver could spike significantly as the available supply continues to decrease.

Peace of Mind

The same forces that influence stocks and other paper assets do not influence precious metals.  Diversifying your portfolio with physical gold and silver can add a level of security for your savings and retirement accounts that paper investments simply cannot.

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