Ask Cramer: Thoughts on Buying Gold?

Considering adding some gold to your portfolio? Here's what Jim Cramer thinks.

By: Katherine Ross and Justin Ho  April 30, 2019 TheStreet

Curious about whether or not now is the right time to buy gold?

During Jim Cramer's April Action Alerts Plus members only conference call, Cramer was asked about his thoughts on buying gold.

"I always think that it's pretty simple for me. Nothing bad ever happens from gold. I have gold, you know, and I only can own mutual funds but I have a gold mutual fund." said Cramer.

Curious about what you should watch when you're buying gold? 

Here are four things to keep an eye on:

  • Currency Markets

  • Interest Rates

  • Economic Strength 

  • Inflation


Wondering why these are the indicators to watch? TheStreet's Erika Santoro wrote that "gold prices tend to reflect changes U.S. dollar value compared to foreign currencies. When the dollar is strong, gold will be more expensive in foreign countries whose currencies have declined in value." Meaning that investors interested in gold should keep a close eye on the currency markets."

And why interest rates? "Low interest rates make it easy to choose gold as an alternative to bonds. Whereas, many investors believe that higher interest rates will pressure gold prices downward," wrote Santoro.


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