Investments inside IRAs are taxed as ordinary income upon distribution. The same investments held outside of Qualified Plans are taxed as capital gains, which can be significantly less than the income tax for most investors. 


When your IRA is invested in the stock market, and it comes time to take a required distribution (RMD), your distribution is given to you in dollars. Given the fact that the buying power of the US dollar continues to diminish with every passing year, what are those dollars going to be worth in 10 years?


This is where an IRA backed with precious metals starts to shine. 

Precious metals are the only assets you can own in an IRA that do not require liquidation or sale before taking distributions. Unlike every other investment in your IRA (which need to be liquidated before distribution), metals give you a choice: they can be liquidated inside the IRA, or they can be taken out of the plan in their physical form (and delivered directly to you) as "in-kind" distributions. 


Taking physical possession of your metals can be a great opportunity. Taking delivery of your assets allows you to maintain the gold or silver, even after taking your distribution. This allows for the investment to continue to grow and protect your wealth until you decide to liquidate your assets. Your metals are now held outside of your IRA and will have a different tax implication than inside the plan, should you decide to liquidate. Should you decide never to liquidate your metals, and pass them on to your beneficiaries, they would be inherited on a "stepped-up" basis. This allows for all the gains on the metals, once outside the plan to be realized when inherited.


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