Silver Round 1-oz

Silver rounds are a less well-known variation of silver bars. The difference between rounds and bars is found almost exclusively in the weights that are available. You will be able to find many bars that weigh 5 oz or 10 oz or more.  Like coins, rounds are usually produced only in 1 oz and smaller varieties. Where bars offer the ability for investors to order bulk quantities at a time, rounds also allow for smaller quantities to be ordered and afford the ability to use in smaller quantities.  They look similar to a silver coin in design and shape, but unlike coins, rounds are produced by private mints and not governments. Rounds are often seen as commemorative releases, but many are also minted with nothing more than the brand of the mint on either side of the silver.


Since silver rounds are privately minted by a variety of companies such as Engelhard, Johnson Matthey, and Sunshine Minting among others, there is a wide range of designs and mint marks. However, all reputable silver rounds will have silver mass, purity and issuing company either on the reverse or obverse of the rounds. 

  • Silver Content - 0.999 oz.

  • Gross Weight - 31.103 g

  • Composition - 99.9% silver

  • Coin Diameter - Varies By Mint

  • Thickness - Varies By Mint

  • Mint Dates - Various Dates


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