What Books Should You Read to Start Investing in Gold?

If you’re thinking about buying gold, it won’t hurt to read a book or two about the principles of investing in precious metals. While there are numerous books on gold investing on the market, only a few provide readers with actionable insights to help them begin their investment strategy.

The best part about reading books written by sound investors is that you can get decades of experience compacted down to a short read.

To make your life easier, we’ve compiled a list of the best books to read before you start investing in gold. We’ll also include some information about the authors and the premise of their message.

Precious Metal Investing For Dummies

Author: Paul Mladjenovic

If you’re a complete beginner investing in gold or other precious metals, this is perhaps the best book to get started. The book begins by explaining both the advantages and potential risks of investing in gold. Understanding what you’re getting into is crucial if you want a sound long-term investment strategy.

You’ll learn about all the basics of buying, selling, and holding gold as an asset. Mladjenovic does an excellent job of giving you the confidence to trade even if you’re not a finance wiz.

The book touches on both precious metals and a few conventional materials such as copper and steel. By the time you finish reading, you’ll have a full grasp of gold investing and should be able to start trading.

The New Case for Gold

Author: James Rickards

Often, authors who write about financial advice tend to spend a few chapters boasting about their accomplishments. Rickards removes the fluff and gets right into the good stuff.

One of the best parts about this book is that it doesn’t beat around the bush. The author does a fantastic job of quickly getting to the key points, so reading through the book feels like a breeze. Depending on how fast you read, you can most likely finish The New Case for Gold over the weekend.

What’s more, Rickards gives the reader an optimistic view of the future of gold. You can learn all the essentials you need to get started, along with a few long-term investment ideas. Scholars with Ph.D.-level accolades in economics back each of his reference points in the book.

Gold: The Once and Future Money

Author: Nathan Lewis

No doubt, gold is one of our society’s oldest currencies. Gold trading dates back thousands of years, and it still holds tremendous value in the modern world. Lewis digs deep into the history of gold and significant events like ending the gold standard, taxes, and past economic crises.

The investing community knows gold is a stable asset that can work wonders during an economic crisis. The author dives into this concept and tells you how to use gold to leverage against inflation.

Some of the terminologies can be advanced, but you can still learn a lot about the advantages of buying gold, even if you’re a beginner. The book is full of historical facts, so it can be pretty entertaining to read regardless of whether you want to invest in precious metals.

Buy Gold and Silver Safely

Author: Doug Eberhardt

buy gold and silver safely book cover

Reading this book can be beneficial even if you don’t plan on buying gold. The author does a fantastic job of getting the point across, and it’s a quick and easy read. It starts by explaining the world economies and how precious metals can impact one’s investment portfolio.

However, Eberhardt has a premise that our governments are setting us all up for financial ruin. While this point can be a bit unsettling, you still get sound advice on protecting your specific financial situation.

The author digs deep into where to buy gold. He explains that there are numerous gold dealers out there that are trying to scam you and how you can avoid getting cheated.

The Gold Watcher: Demystifying Gold Investing

Author: John Katz

In this book, you get a good glimpse at historical gold prices and how the economy impacts the value of precious metals. Katz is a sound investor who gives his readers personal knowledge about his experiences with gold investing. As a result, this is a book you can refer back to numerous times during your gold buying journey. It digs deep into how government policies can impact the price of gold and signs to look for before you invest. With this information, you can continuously make safer investments as you gain more experience.

Furthermore, the author makes an effort to eliminate several gold-buying myths that circulate in the community. After you give it a full read, you’ll be more than ready to start investing.

The ABC’s of Gold Investing

Author: Michael Kosares

Hence the name, The ABC’s of Gold Investing, this book will make you well-versed in the basics of buying precious metals. The book starts with a thorough background of the history of gold and gold investing. Like The Gold Watcher: Demystifying Gold Investing, you’ll learn about how governments and economic crises impact the value of precious metals.

Kosares has extensive experience investing in gold, so he comes across as a figure of authority. While you don’t need to take all of his advice, you can certainly gain some inside knowledge about long-term gold investing.

If you’re on the fence about investing in gold, this book should clear up any concerns you may have. It digs deep into the pros and cons of gold investing and what mistakes to avoid as a beginner.

Junior Mining Investor

Author: Kevin Corcoran

When people think about buying gold, they think about having a tangible coin or bar stored safely in a vault. While this may be one of the most popular options, investors can also purchase gold mining stocks to diversify their portfolios.

If that’s something that sparks your interest, then this may be the best book for you. The author has contributions from several seasoned gold mining investors that all give valuable tips for beginners. The experts each speak about their mistakes and wins to gain a comprehensive concept of the investment strategy.

Although the book is helpful for those wanting to invest in precious metals, it also gives many insights into the gold mining industry as a whole. Undoubtedly, it’s quite an exciting read packed with valuable information about a lesser-known industry.

The Power of Gold

Author: Peter L. Bernstein

the power of gold book cover

The Power of Gold provides a perfect combination of investment strategies and market data that helps new investors make more well-informed decisions. This title is an excellent book for beginners because it lays out a realistic long-term plan to build wealth with gold.

If you’re someone who’s debating whether investing in gold is the right course of action, then this book will shed some light on the measurable advantages of buying precious metals.

Bernstein has a fantastic way of getting beginners excited about buying gold through his statistical analysis of the market. While it may be tough to grasp any of these points as a beginner, you’ll quickly become a gold market wiz after giving it a full read-through.

Guide to Investing in Gold & Silver: Protect Your Financial Future

Author: Michael Maloney

The premise of the book is quite dark as it explains the downfall of Western economics. While this information is interesting, the valuable part of the book describes how you can use gold to protect your financial stability.

You’ll learn how several investors were able to protect their wealth by diversifying their portfolios with gold and other precious metals.

In the book, you’ll learn about numerous trigger events in the world economy that shifted the value of gold. You can then take these historical lessons and apply them to your current investment strategy. If you’re a new investor and want some insights into the history of gold investing, this is the perfect book to begin reading.

Gold Is a Better Way: And Other Wealth Building Secrets Wall Street Doesn’t Want You To Know

Author: Adam Baratta 

The concepts in this book can be challenging to grasp as a beginner, so it may be more suitable if you already have a basic understanding of how gold investing works. It digs deep into gold investment trends that correlate directly with Wall Street. The author puts a heavy focus on how to use gold to go against the advice of numerous high-level investment bankers to build wealth.

To understand the concepts thoroughly, you’ll need to be up-to-date on a lot of investment jargon, so beginners may be confused as they read. That said, you can still learn a lot about the principles of building long-term wealth via gold investing.

Final Thoughts

Without a doubt, there are numerous books out there to help you get your feet wet with gold investing. The ones above are suitable for beginner and experienced investors and will uncover several factors about economics and precious metals that you probably don’t know.

For more tips on gold investing, feel free to check out our blog posts. We provide valuable guidance for beginners and seasoned gold investors alike.

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