How to Buy Silver Bars Wholesale – The Ultimate Guide

Investing in the stock market is one way that investors build wealth and plan for retirement, but have you considered adding precious metals like gold and silver to your portfolio?

Physical silver offers a store of value, and you can even get a discount if you buy in bulk. This article will share affordable and secure options for purchasing silver at lower prices. The information here applies to both investors and collectors.

Benefits of Purchasing Silver at Wholesale

But first, why purchase silver at all, let alone in bulk?

The list of advantages of silver is long, including:

  • Diversify your investment portfolio: The stock market has its ups and downs, but silver has been on a steady trajectory and tends to hold its value, even when the economy is on shaky ground.
  • Guard against inflation: Now that the U.S. dollar is no longer backed by gold, the value of paper currency is insecure and speculative. Precious metals like gold and silver will continue to be valuable, no matter what happens to fiat currencies across the globe.
  • Utilize silver for other purposes: Silver will always be in demand because it’s such a versatile metal that’s used in a variety of consumer and industrial applications. Silver is also highly desirable and has collectible value for jewelry, silver coins, and silver rounds.

4 Ways You Can Buy Silver Bars at Wholesale

stack of silver bars and silver coins

You don’t have to be a large distributor to get bulk silver deals. Depending on where you go to buy silver products, you can get a discount by purchasing smaller sizes, with as few as 10 to 20 pieces of silver, whether it’s a silver bar or silver rounds. These discounts can apply to the following items:

Many investors find that buying silver in bulk, especially larger bars at higher weights is a more affordable option when acquiring silver. Look for a price chart from a dealer to see how you can get the best bulk price.

Buy Monster Packs

As the name suggests, a monster pack (also referred to as a monster box) is a bulk silver order that contains large quantities of coins. The size of monster boxes varies, but some popular mainstream coins like American Silver Eagles come in monster boxes with quantities of 500.

Monster boxes yield the largest discount for wholesale purchasers, with the lowest premium over spot price. Further, the silver coins and silver rounds come in tubes that are sealed directly from the mint for safer storage.

Buy Online

There’s nothing easier than pressing the “add to cart” button and having precious metals show up at your door. When buying silver bullion or silver coins online, it’s better to pay by check, wire transfer, or ACH to avoid transaction and payment processing fees.

If you do purchase silver coins or any precious metals online, make sure you shop only from reputable websites. The risk of encountering a scammer is high with Internet transactions if you don’t know what to look for. At a minimum, a reputable online store will have:

  • An SSL certificate
  • A customer service phone number that allows you to speak to a human
  • Reviews from real customers
  • A high rating from the Better Business Bureau (BBB)

If you are looking for a reputable online precious metals vendor, Oxford Gold Group’s Silver IRA is an easy way to get started investing in silver.

Use an IRA Account

investor buying wholesale silver bars using his ira account

Using an IRA account to add to your silver portfolio allows you to buy, trade, and sell silver while simultaneously lowering your tax burden.

Most silver investors are planning for financial security upon retirement, and an IRA account gives investors the best of both worlds. The money used to buy silver can be used with tax-free income, and you are only taxed when you withdraw funds.

The type of IRA used to buy precious metals is a self-directed IRA (SDIRA). This investment vehicle also allows you to hold commodities, real estate, and other assets.

Buying Directly from Mints

In theory, one could get the best wholesale prices on silver buy purchasing directly from the mints. In the United States, if you want to buy silver bullion, you must be an authorized purchaser.

The requirements for authorized purchasers are currently being updated. The standard requirements include a high degree of financial security and minimum purchase amounts ranging from 100 ounce purchases to minimums of 25,000 silver ounces. The minimum ounce threshold varies by coin.

You can also buy silver from private mints. While privately minted coins don’t have legal tender value, they have collectible value beyond the spot price and silver content that is consistent with the industry standard.

Advantages of Silver Bars Compared to Coins

Coins may be more divisible and have legal tender status, but silver bars are cheaper ounce for ounce. The reason is that silver bars have lower production costs than silver coins. There are no intricate designs to produce, so you get more for your money overall. As a result, you can achieve more significant financial gains and higher profits when you purchase silver by the bar.

Also, because silver bar sizes tend to be larger than coins, silver bars are better suited for wholesale and larger quantity purchases.

Problems You Might Encounter Buying Silver Bars at Wholesale

shopping cart with paper boxes on laptop

Many investors hope to buy bulk silver and silver bars at spot price, but that is rarely possible barring a special loss leader or new customer special. The only real problem investors might encounter when trying to purchase a silver bar, rounds or silver coins at wholesale is with minimum quantity requirements.

When it comes to taxes, there are no penalties until you decide to sell silver. Then, you may be subject to income tax or other penalties if the sale of silver comes from a restricted investment account.

Storing Large Quantities of Silver Bars

To fund an IRA, your silver has to be stored in a secure facility, not in a home safe or under a mattress. Third-party storage solutions tend to be extremely secure and employ the latest in high-tech surveillance measures. You can also store silver overseas, especially if you purchase from a broker in another country.

Contact Our Team at Oxford Gold Group

If you’re ready to begin investing in silver bars at wholesale and have further questions, contact Oxford Gold Group. We can also answer your questions about buying other silver products besides bullion, like silver rounds or coins.

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