What Are the Best Silver Bars To Buy? A Complete Guide

Choosing the right physical assets for your retirement investment portfolio can be challenging. With so many gold and silver products on the market, which items provide the highest returns for what you pay upfront?

Silver bullion bars are a popular choice for both new and seasoned investors. These premium products are less expensive than their gold counterparts and show great upward potential in the economic forecast.

Below, our precious metals experts from The Oxford Gold Group explain what you should know about buying silver bullion coins, minted bars, and other premium products.

What Kind of Silver Bars Are Good for Investment?

Collectors can invest in two types of silver bar products: minted and poured.

Manufacturers produce minted silver bars by extracting precious metal from mined ore. They then mold the metal under hydraulic machines and use a mint stamp to strike a design onto the surface.

The process of creating poured bars is a bit different. Producers collect molten silver into a mold and let the substance cool. Lower temperatures cause the silver to transform into a solid ingot.

However, these products typically have higher premiums over the standard spot price of silver than their minted alternatives. Poured bars require more labor and, sometimes, more real estate to produce.

IRA-approved silver bullion bars must have a content purity of .999 silver. Whether you choose minted bars or poured bars, either investment-grade option will meet these requirements.

What Sizes and Weights of Silver Bars Are Available?

several silver bars with various weights

Most people purchase silver bullion bars with small-weight denominations. Reputable precious metal dealers typically sell silver in standard weights such as single ounces, five ounces, and ten ounces. However, heavier products, like 100-ounce silver bars, may also be a practical solution for more affluent investors.

Like silver coins, minted bars come in different sizes. Some silver bars may only be an inch or two in length, while larger bars could be more than 9 inches long and 3 inches wide.

Remember, the value of a silver bar comes from its weight and purity. Larger silver bars aren’t necessarily better investments if they contain less silver content than smaller bars.

Which Option Is the Best Investment?

Before you can decide which product is right for your investment portfolio, ask a few key questions:

  • Which silver bars can I afford?
  • How will I access my silver?
  • Will I need storage for my silver bars?

A large bar may be more expensive than smaller bars due to composition, storage constraints, and other logistical factors.

Depending on where you buy silver bullion bars, you may need to arrange your own storage solution. Investing in smaller bars may be a better choice if you have limited space to keep your items. Some banks and private mints arrange transportation and storage for heavier products.

If you plan to accumulate more silver over time, it may be wise to start with smaller weights and work your way up.

More Information About Silver Bar Storage

Protecting your silver investment is essential. Keeping a large bar of silver tucked away at home may be practical for some. However, once you commit to investing in more precious metals products, you should find a secure location to store them.

Professional silver handlers can keep your assets safe in a 24/7 monitored facility. Some storage locations require you to schedule an appointment to see your investment. These measures help prevent unwanted losses.

You won’t need to worry about moving large shipments after a transaction by renting third-party storage space. A reliable seller will ensure that your items arrive at the designated facility on time.

Benefits of Investing in Silver Bars

Even investing in a single-ounce silver bar can yield significant benefits for your investment portfolio. First, these precious metals are tangible assets that retain value, despite economic fluctuations. Many people invest in silver coins and bars to offset losses they may experience during recessions or dips in the stock market.

Your investment may multiply over the next few years if you purchase IRA-approved silver bars. Since 2005, the price of these commodities has not fallen below $13 per ounce. Currently, as of December 30, 2022, the price of silver is $23.96 per ounce.

Additionally, buying silver bars tends to be less expensive for investors than buying silver coins. For example, a one-ounce coin may have a 19% premium over the spot price of silver compared to a bar with a 7% premium. Silver bars have lower premiums because they require less design work and polish than bullion coins.

The Best Silver Bars To Buy

two minted silver bars weighing 250 grams each

Here is a list of some of the most popular silver bars on the market:

PAMP Suisse Mint Silver Bars

PAMP Suisse is one of the industry’s leading private precious metal manufacturers. It began operations in the late 1970s and continues to sell silver bars ranging from ten grams to a kilogram. These high-demand bars are so popular that the company even developed vending machines that store bullion products.

Royal Canadian Silver Bars

The Royal Canadian Mint is a Sovereign-class silver refiner that supplies some of the world’s most beautiful coins and bullion bars. Its most popular ten-ounce minted ingots contain investment-grade 99.9% silver.

Engelhard Mint Silver Ingot Bars

Production of hand-poured Englehard products ended in 1980. Most people purchase these metals as collector’s items. However, an Englehard bar may still be an excellent addition to your long-term investment due to its high purity content and low weight. These smaller silver bars may not look like much at a glance, but they fetch a high price on the market.

Johnson Matthey Vintage 100-Oz. Silver Bar

Like Engelhard, the Johnson Matthey mint ended production on its hand-poured silver bullion bars several decades ago. Still, silver stacking collectors continue to seek out these products wherever possible. You can find these on sale at certain online marketplaces, though expect to pay a significant price.

Sunshine Minting Silver Bars

sunshine minting silver bars

You may recognize the iconic soaring eagle design on the surface of a Sunshine Minting ingot. These sleek silver bars weigh anywhere from one to 100 ounces. However, you can order heavier denominations through COMEX or other exchanges.

The Sunshine Minting company produces a wide array of specially crafted bullions. This brand is the premier choice if you want to buy silver bars with stunningly polished and patterned designs.

Mason Mint Bullion Bars

Mason Mint competes well in the silver bar industry with its diverse inventory of premium ingots. Its products include bullion of different weights, shapes, and surface designs. Mason Mint’s catalog offers classy, high-purity silver bar options for new and veteran investors.

The Trident Silver Bar

Trident – the private mint firm – takes the time to create product designs displaying the same aesthetic beauty popularized by silver coins. Each bullion has an engraving of the Roman god Neptune commanding the waves. On the bottom, manufacturers created a beautiful fish scale pattern to complement the aquatic theme.

Does Brand Name Affect the Price of a Silver Bar?

Like most physical commodities, branding affects the price of a silver bar. You should expect to pay more upfront when buying silver bars from prominent companies like PAMP Suisse, Engelhard, or the Royal Canadian Mint.

Many people purchase expensive name-brand silver to complete their personal collections. However, you can still boost your retirement savings if you buy a silver bar from a generic mint.

Where To Buy the Best Silver Bars

shopping cart with laptop on the desk

You can find a single-ounce or five-oz. silver bar at pawn shops or online collector’s markets with little trouble. Still, buying from some of these locations can be risky. Fraudulent dealers may try to sell you silver products with low fineness grades, making them useless for investing.

Most people recommend partnering with an established precious metals dealer to purchase premium silver coins and bars. This way, you can enjoy the best bullion deals without worrying.

Are Silver Bars and Silver Bullion Coins Smart Investments?

Silver bullion bars are one of the most popular investment solutions for those who want to boost their retirement funds. Speak to a financial advisor to see if putting a silver bullion bar into a self-directed IRA is right for you.

Many silver stackers believe that now is the time to start saving your money for minted ingots. Economic analysts predict a steady rise in the price of silver bars within the next few years.

Browse for Silver Bullion Bars Today

Are you ready to start shopping for silver bullion bars online?

At Oxford Gold Group, we sell silver ingot bars, minted coins, and other precious metals in one convenient location. Our inventory includes IRA-approved silver, so you can start contributing to your retirement savings.

You can purchase high-quality silver bars at a lower price than from some other online dealers. We provide silver charts to help you keep up with current economic trends. Continue to explore our website for more resources.

Contact us at The Oxford Gold Group in Beverly Hills, CA, for more information about buying silver bars. Call (833) 600-4653.

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